About Us

Why ICM is Different

IPicture of the ICM Corp workshopCM Corporation was formed in 1988 with one idea in mind— To start a professional audio repair and service center that was different from all of the others. ICM Corp. wanted to provide top-notch personal service that was second to none for all working musicians, recording studios, sound contractors, music venues, music stores, and all other music professionals. We concentrate only on pro audio; no consumer electronics. That was our goal then and still is the goal today. ICM Corp. has over 33 years of experience servicing and repairing electronic music gear. That long bench experience allows us the opportunity to quickly diagnose and repair or service your electronic musical equipment.

When you call the ICM Corp. shop, you will speak with the technician that will be working personally on your equipment not a secretary or customer service representative. ICM Corp. usually turns around repairs and service orders within one week from drop-off to order completion. There are circumstances beyond their control that may increase the typical turn around time such as back ordered parts, difficult and intermittent problems, and bench back log. You will be given an accurate time estimate after they’ve looked at your equipment, diagnosed the problem, and have taken into consideration other factors that can affect your repair or service time interval. Again, most their clients enjoy a one week turn around time. All of our work comes with a 30 or 90 day warranty, depending on the work completed.

We have a proven track record of being fair and honest to our customers. If we feel that your music equipment will be too expensive to repair or not worth repairing, we will tell you. If, in the rarest of cases, we are having a difficult time repairing your music equipment or cannot find the problem quickly, we will suggest other options including sending the equipment to the original manufacturer to be repaired. We have repaired equipment from other shops for exactly that same reason and would have no problem doing the same if that situation ever arose on our bench. Sometimes simply a fresh outlook is needed by another audio technician to solve a difficult problem.

We repair and service guitar tube and solid state amps, bass tube and solid state amps, keyboard amps, PA amps, digital and analog mixing consoles, speakers (including re-coning), effect units, tape media equipment, CD players and CD burners, digital and analog recording equipment, lighting equipment and any other new or vintage musical or pro audio gear that you may have. We accept in-warranty and out of warranty orders. See our warranty list for manufacturers that have authorized our shop as a warranty service center.

We will do everything that we can to try to help our customers solve their musical equipment problems. We have been known to bend over backwards for our customers on a regular basis since our humble beginnings in 1988.

About Founder/Technician Tim Bernovich

How about the dry stuff first. Tim is a musician from the sixties and like many kids his age, he wanted to be in a rock band. He had his own rock banICM Corp founder Tim Bernovich working on a large studio mixing boardd that actually opened for The Doors at a college concert. He also gigged with a trio that played at bars and taverns that allowed Tim to meet older musicians. Tim even played in a big band orchestra! Even back then, he enjoyed fixing gear for musicians and himself and gained a reputation as a music gear fix-it guy. From that point, his interest in electronics just took off.

Tim moved to Chicago in 1971 after attending electronics school in Kentucky. He worked for Lowery Electronics in Chicago for several years but still had the desire to be around musicians and their gear. As a result, he began doing repairs for several music stores including Two Brothers Music, Windy City Music, Sound Post, Music Biz, and Chicago Factory Service on a part-time basis while still working full-time at Lowery. While at Lowery, he was offered and accepted a great gig as an electronic instrument technician for Argonne National Labs where he worked on very advanced electronic gear used in cutting-edge scientific research projects. Tim continued to repair musician’s gear part time while he worked at Argonne. Tim worked at Argonne for 15 years and then, due to cutbacks, was given a lay-off notice. Tim was then hired as an electronic instrumentation technician at CPC International just to be laid off again; oh, the great business world! Again, he maintained strong ties and relationships with the music stores and continued to repair electronic music gear part-time.

Well, that was it. He decided it was time to do what he really loved to do and get away from the business world that laid him off twice. His love was and still is working on electronic musical equipment. That is when he started his company  ICM Corporation  in 1988 and still are still going strong today.